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Logo Design

About This Project

A overview of some logos design in the last years for some different brands.


Container Music // German & Portuguese music label focused on electrónic and techno music who defines itself as ” atypical audio for atypical people”.


Freima // Freima is a collective of saint adventurers, ethereal ramblers, eyewitnesses of rhythm: artists, technicians and thinkers engaged in the praxis and aesthetics of change.

Freima Labs aims to publish forward thinking Portuguese electronic music in an assortment of genres, establishing a sense of unity in diversity. We thus motivate our artists to remix and collaborate amongst themselves, generating cross-pollination paths between languages, and the desired coherence of the editorial project as a whole. Techno, House, Electronica… those are just words.


Silos //  Cowork space and creative center, SILOS emerged from a need for a dedicated space in Caldas da Rainha where creative entrepreneurs, students and enterprises could gather to create, re-invent or re-imagine a product/service or pitch potential clients. The SILOS platform is wide opened to promote every structured form of creativity.


Frauga: Project in collaboration with EVOL2 (lisbon based design office) // An association for the development of Picote, an area on the coutry side of the north of Portugal, promoting the disclosure of the traditions and history.


Olho de Vidro // Audiovisual company focused on the movie direction direction and technical assistance for film making.


Branding, Typography