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King Kamehameha

About This Project

Concept and Design Development for King Kamehameha Club events: We Are Saturdayz and We Are Wednesday.
King Kamehameha website design. (Version not aproved by the client.)
Final website version:

Located in Frankfurt, in 2013 the mythic club King Kamehameha wanted to refresh the look and feel for the We Are Saturdayz. Based on the dynamim and elegance of the event was developed a base badge and consecutively the environment where that would live. Same thing happened with their new event We Are Wednesday, where a massive badge based on the strong letter W was developed.

Direction: Steven Sasseville and Laura Geisler.
Project developed at Orange Hive GmbH:  Agency for Strategic Design Development.


Branding, Poster, Print, Responsive, Webdesign