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Bangkok Dream

About This Project

T-Shirt design for the “Bangkok Dream” project.



Yesterday a kid dreamed of a trip to Bangkok, today when he woke up he said was going to come true. Conveying truth and believing that this dream may even become real, Bangkok Dream is to create a website where social networks and curiosity run in parallel.

Considering that  a kid dreamed of Bangkok and that will make the dream real, is left the artist discretion (corresponding to your indivual graphic language) to create an image to be printed on t-shirts. This shall be present kid’s dream, the eccentricity of the city and the text: “Dream Bangkok”. The phrase: “Yesterday i had a Dream Bangkok, today it will be real” is an optional character devel-oped in the picture. If they think it contextualizes illustration / typography created, use it.

The colors and design are left the artist discretion and shall be representative of the type of work that each of the artists performs.


January 06, 2012